Sales Training

✔ HR Consultant or Outsource Consultancy? Need New/More Clients?

Product Overview

From January 2011 and devised from a genuine need in the market for this, I have devised several training courses to help HR Consultants or Sales Professionals in the HR/H&S Outsourcing industry.

These are face-to-face training courses, that I can bespoke for you.

Primarily, these courses are aimed at Sales Professionals (Telemarketing/Field Sales) within the HR/H&S Outsourcing Industry and are easily adaptable for HR Consultants who may be running their own independent consultancy and want to know how they can spend time winning new business.

All the techniques that I have devised are based upon my time with Peninsula Business Services, Essential HR Partnership and the many sales training sessions I have since held with some of the leading HR/H&S Outsource Consultancies.

This is backed up by my excellent track record within the industry, for example:

  • No 1 Telemarketing Consultant at Peninsula, with appointments generating over £11million worth of new business.
  • Field Sales Consultant & Sales Trainer at Essential HR and EHRP Ltd, with self generated appointments, marketing and more helping to secure £4.5million worth of new business.
  • Telemarketing & Field Sales Training with leading outsource consultancies, leading to higher appointment levels, higher conversion rates and much higher levels of new business.

To find out more, please email me at or feel free to call me on 01942 323 000.

One option I have for independent HR Consultants is Group Training, so independent HR Consultants may look at sharing the cost with others.


Steve Smithson
Managing Director

Talent Genius Ltd
01942 323 000

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