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Some LinkedIn Tips From @talentgeniusltd Twitter Feed

February 22, 2011 1 comment

Recently, I’ve been adding brief LinkedIn tips onto to the Talent Genius Ltd Twitter feed, which you can follow HERE.

So, for a bit of a different ‘blog’, I’ve decided to add them on here as well, to give them another avenue & for LinkedIn users to appreciate. They are only brief tips (mainly as they’re all 140 characters or less!), but if one of them helps you to either get a new job, gain a new client or generally win new business, then it’s worth it. Please continue to ‘follow’ @talentgeniusltd as well for ongoing LinkedIn Tips.

Please note, these are taken directly from the Twitter Feed, so are all 140 characters or less. Please feel free to ‘share’ them on your Twitter feed (if you want to ‘credit’ @talentgeniusltd that’s up to you) – Keep following for more tips each day.

  • Hide which companies you follow in your settings, otherwise your competition may know who you are trying to do business with.
  • Business owners, create a ‘Products & Services’ section on your company page. Get client recommendations for services too.
  • Don’t ‘over-do’ it with colleague recommendations. Client recommendations are more important.
  • Job hunters – Make LinkedIn your full online CV. You can print off & save a PDF of your profile direct from profile page.
  • Don’t over-use LinkedIn & Twitter integration. Over changing your profile will lead to members hiding your updates.
  • Always spell-check your entries. Install a spell-check in your browser bar for ease.
  • Update your profile at least once a week. Use the ‘skills’ feature to highlight & expand upon your experience.
  • Your personal profile photo is also your ‘brand’. Treat it as such. Don’t use company logos as it breaches LinkedIn T&C’s.
  • Always read the Group Rules when you join a new group. You should aim to ‘fit in’ with the culture/tone of the group
  • Add your company website on your profile page and company profile page to help your SEO. LinkedIn is great for backlinks.
  • In open groups, you can ‘share’ discussions & replies directly to Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn (profiles/groups/individuals)
  • When joining groups, think of your competition as well as potential customers. Increase your competitor/Market knowledge
  • You can now restart archived discussions in Open Groups. Pick out your old favourite discussions and start comments again
  • Use less than 20 words in discussion title lengths. Use the discussion body for more detail. Entice members to raise debate
  • Personalise the link to your website. Don’t just call it ‘My Website’. Think of your company branding, get the name out

Other LinkedIn Updates

I thought I’d let you know about a few other small LinkedIn updates that have happened quite recently too that could be useful.

► Sharing LinkedIn Discussions/Promotions/Jobs Through Social Media.

If you are not aware, you can now share your or other member discussions through LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook. I regularly ‘Tweet’ discussions to attract new members to the site and to promote discussions/promotions. It would be great to see fellow members doing this as well.

You can see how to share your discussions at the following LinkedIn Blog Page:

► Brand New Twitter Discussion Feature

LinkedIn have also now added a feature in groups where each reply can be ‘Tweeted’ as well. Those with Twitter Accounts will see a Twitter Icon next to ‘Add Comment’ when adding a reply. Very useful when tweeting out comments, replies, messages or maybe a little too weighted on LinkedIn getting more exposure through other social media.

To note, you can stop each reply going out on your Twitter account as well by ‘unticking’ the box next to ‘Add Comment’.

► Restarting Old/Archived Discussions

Since being made an ‘Open group’, all older discussions were ‘archived’. This archive has always been viewable, but you can now also restart your old/archive discussions. A very useful feature if you want an old discussion topic to be discussed again, whilst retaining all previous comments from other members.

► FREE LinkedIn Guide 4.0

I have updated the FREE Talent Genius Ltd LinkedIn Guide. You may download the guide from the following Google Documents Link (You do not need a Google Account to download). Please note, if the download link does not work, it is simply as the download quota is high, please just retry after a few minutes:

► FREE HR & Employment Law Seminar – March 22nd, Bolton

Talent Genius LtdPeninsula Business Services are co-hosting a FREE Employment Law Seminar for Business Owners, Company Directors and Senior Level HR ONLY.

Tuesday, 22nd March 2011. Bolton Reebok Stadium, Bolton

9.30am-10.00am – Coffee/Refreshments

10.00am-12.45pm – Seminar (Including A Break Period)

When it comes to business success, your employees are your most precious and costly resource. Productive, engaged employees lead to increased customer loyalty and profitability. But there are many traps and pitfalls that can reduce productivity and put you, the employer, at risk.

As you prepare for economic growth, now is the time to meet our experts who will guide you through your staff management issues.

To attend this FREE Event, please email or call Steve Smithson on 01942 323 000.

You may also register your interest through Linkedin at the following events page (please note, this event is being promoted through various sources):

Please note, this event is for Business Owners, Company Directors, Senior Level HR Professionals ONLY.

HR Consultants, Recruitment Consultants or employees of HR Consultancies will be advised they cannot attend as the co-host is an Employment Law Consultancy themselves & there is a conflict of interest.


Steve Smithson
Managing Director
Talent Genius Ltd

PS: A new Talent Genius Ltd website is coming soon…

If you notice the site down, it’s because ‘changes are coming’.