About Talent Genius Ltd


Talent Genius Ltd is an all-in-one solution to employers throughout the UK for their Recruitment, Sales Training, HR & Social Media needs.

► HR Outsourcing/Legal Company & Want New Clients? Talent Genius Ltd offers Bespoke, Specialist Telesales & Field Sales Training from experienced industry specialists.

Website: http://www.talentgenius.co.uk

Tel: 01942 323 000

Specialist at Providing Services in recruitment, training, sales to the HR Outsourcing / Legal Sector.

Please contact us if you are looking to recruit in your business, need Sales Training or for advice on Human Resources/Employment Law Issues or Social Media Training.

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►Recruitment Services◄

Talent Genius Ltd has Specialist Consultants in the following sectors:

Human Resources
Social Media
Sales & Marketing
Information Technology
Health & Safety
Office & Secretarial
Legal Services

Talent Genius Ltd is able to offer clients various recruitment services, which include:

Search & Selection
Monthly Retainer Services
Contingency Recruitment
Fixed-Fee Services
Recruitment Process Outsourcing
Cost-Per-Hire Recruitment
Direct Resourcing

►HR Services◄

• Specialist Recruitment across various sectors, including: Human Resources, Social Media, Marketing, Health & Safety, Sales, Office/Secretarial, Finance/Accountancy, Legal Services & Recruitment Consultancies.
• LinkedIn, Twitter & Social Media Training
• Business Troubleshooting / Training / Employee Reports
• Complete Outsource HR Service to Employers (Complete HR / Talent Genius Plus)
• Recruitment Assessment Centres
• Policy Creation & Review. Procedures/Employment Handbooks/Health & Safety Policies
• HR News Bulletins (Online Distribution Channels)
• Employee Relations Advice (Telephone/Email/Documentation Support)
• Performance Management & Workforce Planning
• Salary Reviews and Salary Surveys/Employee Benchmarking
• Employment Law Seminars (Held on Conjunction with Legal/HR Outsourcing Companies)

►Social Media Training◄

Talent Genius Ltd offers a wide range of Social Media training services:

• LinkedIn & Twitter Training: Beginner to Advanced
• Enhance your Professional Brand and Reputation
• Reduce the risk of reputation damage
• Devise your Company Social Media Strategy
• Recruitment Through Social Media
• Market Intelligence: Know Your Competition!
• Online Blogging – Why?
• Benefit from increased sources & volumes of relevant, engaged web traffic.
• Podcasts


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