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Some Linkedin Tips & New Features From Talent Genius Ltd

► LinkedIn – We all love it don’t we?

In today’s blog, I’m going to reveal a few basic pointers that may help out most LinkedIn users when they want to promote their business on LinkedIn. Obviously, advanced users will know the tips (or maybe not!).

  • LinkedIn Share Button – New Feature

First of all though, I’ll give you a brand new tip about the ‘Share Button’ feature that LinkedIn have now made available.

Now there is an easy way for your tribe to share your blog posts or website pages on LinkedIn – via updates, and through groups:  The LinkedIn Share button.  (Actually, it’s been around since April – but in Beta mode through WordPress).  Now anyone can use it!

You can find the code for vertical count, horizontal count and no count shares on LinkedIn’s publishers page: http://www.LinkedIn.com/publishers

  • LinkedIn Company Recommendations – New Feature

When happy customers recommend your products and services, you have the most authentic, credible endorsements. Make it easier for your happy customers bring you more customers. Embed this “recommend” button on your website so your customers can recommend your products or services with just the click of a mouse.

Get the recommend button on your site now.

Here’s the code snippet you’ll need to embed the button for each of your services (or products).

Product or service name: Talent Genius Ltd Fixed Fee Recruitment  

Code snippet for LinkedIn ‘recommend’ button:
<script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://platform.linkedin.com/in.js“></script><script type=”in/recommendproduct” data-company=”1216612″ data-product=”1855″data-counter=”right”></script>

To get code snippets for additional services (or products), just replace the Product ID # (data-product=) in the code snippet above. You can find the Product ID # for any of your products from the URL of the respective product pages – it’s the number that follows “prdid=” in the URL.

  • LinkedIn Signal:

“LinkedIn Signal, a beta product that gives you a whole new way to consume information and news that’s most relevant to you as a professional” – Quote from LinkedIn Blog.

You can find out more details about LinkedIn Signal here:


Here are a few ways you can use LinkedIn from a company perspective to promote your business and target potential clients.

  • Your LinkedIn ‘Headline’

This is one of the first things other LinkedIn members see about you and it is VERY important. Did you realise that LinkedIn has a built-in marketing & SEO-friendly capability that is easy to use-and often overlooked?

The best 120 characters of keyword optimisation you can find, your LinkedIn Headline is a major piece of the puzzle that can help other LinkedIn members locate you or your business.

If you’re one of the many that loaded up this field with your current job title (such ‘Director’, ‘HR Manager’), or worse yet, used it to declare your unemployed status, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to market yourself!

Instead, I recommend presenting your brand and goal in your LinkedIn Headline, using some self-promotion plus a label that gives you a fighting chance of being located by a keyword search.

  • Your Connections

Many LinkedIn users just think it’s better to keep building their connections and add virtually anyone. But why would you want to do this? Take my advice and only add connections that are relevant to you and your business: perfect prospects, people you can learn from or those who can provide you with another connection or new business. Meaningless connections are just that, meaningless. It won’t help you adding a contact from India who has no relevance to you and who is just looking to build their connection list.

  • Create a LinkedIn Group

Create a company-branded group for your clients and/or colleagues to facilitate discussion about your industry. A collaboration-based group, created and managed by your company, can be an excellent way to get your company name out there and recognisable.

  • Participate In LinkedIn Groups

You may already be a member of several groups on LinkedIn, but you need to leverage that membership by participating in discussions.

Once you join a relevant group you can participate in discussions and connect with its members. When you contribute to discussions and add your professional opinion you establish yourself as a professional and put yourself in front of potential clients.

Each time you participate, your photo and name are included, plus you can drop in a short signature with your company information on your posts for added promotion – Just don’t over-do any promotional items in the ‘Discussion’ Sections. LinkedIn has now created a ‘Promotions’ tab for such items.

  • Company Profile

A ‘company profile’ helps you separate your individual/personal background from your business by creating a page that includes information about what your company does, how long you’ve been doing it and how interested parties can contact you for more information. Read this tutorial that walks you through the process of creating a company profile on LinkedIn.

  • Post Job Opportunities

If you have employees, subcontractors or are thinking about employing, LinkedIn in an excellent way to spread the word about the position you need to fill and your business in the process. Post job opportunities for FREE in any groups that you are a member of.

  • LinkedIn Polls

You may want to pick the brains of your target audience and colleagues with LinkedIn Polls. LinkedIn Polls lets you create polls and distribute them to your networks and/or specific people you want to hear from. You can view and analyse real-time results to get a behind-the-scenes look at what people are saying.

  • Answer a Question – Q&A

Share your business knowledge and expertise, and help others find solutions to their problems, by answering questions posed in LinkedIn Answers. This can be a great way to make an “expert” name for your business. Answer some questions in the right way and you may get awarded the ‘Best Answer’ and this will show in your profile.

  • Recommendations

Maximise your usage of the Recommendations function by regularly asking clients to provide testimonials. These reviews are listed under your company information on your profile indefinitely unless you or the client requests their removal, so recommendations can be a great “proof of excellence” tool. Try not to get too many recommendations from work colleagues and ‘Boomerang’ recommendations are a big ‘No’ – This is when two LinkedIn members recommend each other instantly. It’s too obvious.

  • Company Buzz

Use the LinkedIn app, Company Buzz, to track what’s being said about your company on LinkedIn and Twitter. Having this information not only helps you respond quickly when necessary, but it also gives you a way to measure the impact of your brand on these social networking sites.

  • Leaving a Status Update

Use the status update field on your profile to make company announcements, offer special deals, give tips and share links. Seems obvious and yes, it’s ‘selling’ and ‘PR’, but this is LinkedIn, not Facebook, so members will know and expect you to do this from time ti time. Again, don’t over-do it with your profile update being PR exercises.

  • Advertise/LinkedIn Direct Ads

Consider starting a targeted advertising campaign with LinkedIn DirectAds. You can target your ads based on geography, job function and seniority, industry and company size, and gender and age. But remember, like any advertising campaign, it all depends on your service/product offering.

► UK Professionals Series of LinkedIn Groups.

If you are part of one of the groups that I manage, thanks for participating. I run several specialist groups, here on Linkedin, the ‘UK Professionals’ Linkedin Series of Groups.

Please see the group titles below and simply search for them in the groups tabs or click on the relevant links. These groups do have strict criteria, so if you do not fall into each, you may not be allowed into the relevant group.

HR Professionals UK
A Group for Human Resources (HR) Professionals within the UK. The only HR Linkedin Group with over 3,200 + members that sticks to its membership criteria.

Talent Genius – Human Resources, Recruitment & Social Media Group

Talent Genius is the Official Linkedin Group for Talent Genius Ltd. Here you can share ideas and news on Human Resources, Recruitment & Social Media.

HR Outsourcing Group UK

HR Outsourcing Group – A Linkedin Group dedicated to those that work in UK based outsource HR / H&S Companies. From Employment Law Consultants to Company Directors, Telesales to Field Sales. Share your experiences, ideas and common purposes through this new group.

Networking Professionals UK

This is a Networking group to encourage open Linkedin networking for business people. You are encouraged to promote services & products and use the discussion boards accordingly, share concepts, ideas, post jobs, events and more.

Health & Safety Professionals UK

Health & Safety Professionals UK is a new group specifically for H&S Professionals that are based in the UK only. NEBOSH, IOSH, RIDDOR, Risk Assessment, CIEH, Fire, CDM.

Social Media & Networking Professionals UK

For those who are ‘social networkers’, using Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Myspace, Google, WordPress, Web 2.0 to share ideas, concepts and more. For members to increase their networks and talk about the impact of social media in their business.

Recruitment Professionals UK

UK Recruitment Professionals is a new group for UK based Recruitment Professionals only. We will be running sub-groups by Geography once the membership increases. For Recruitment Consultants, Internal Recruitment, Directors, Head Hunters across all industries/markets. Recruitment Process Outsourcing, BPO, Rec-2-Rec.

Finance & Accountancy Professionals UK

Finance & Accountancy Professionals UK is a new Linkedin Group. For up to date information on the accounting market in the UK. From Clerical, to part-qualified/qualified. Please feel free to join whether you are a Chartered Accountant, Finance Director, Financial Controller, also Trainee Accountants (i.e. studying for ACCA, CIMA, CA, ICAS, ICAEW, CIPFA etc).

Legal Services UK

Legal Services Group UK is a new group dedicated to those working in the legal industry at a Professional level in the UK. Solicitors, Barristers, Advocates, QC, LLP, LPC, Law Society, Bar Council, Institute of Legal Executives, Legal Services Act 2007, Solicitors Regulation Authority

HRPUK Guides & Help – Subgroup of HR Professionals UK

HRPUK Guides & Help has been set up so members can share HR Guides, help each other with changes in legislation and distribute any HR help throughout HR Professionals UK. This will act as a ‘library’ that all new and existing members can seek help in.


Steve Smithson – Managing Director

Talent Genius Ltd



Talent Genius Ltd is an all-in-one solution to employers throughout the UK for their Recruitment & HR needs.

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