Persistence, Professionalism and Positivity

Persistence, Professionalism and Positivity

The three ‘P’s, but what are they about? I recently had a message sent to me by another Linkedin user who has struggled in the very difficult HR market to find a new permanent role. This Linkedin member was asking if I could provide any tips, help, advice, literally anything that would help them in the marketplace.

But as I read the original request/message, I couldn’t help but think that I didn’t know the answer and everything is subjective. Everyone has their own opinion and methods. Opinions differ from person to person, so what is the right answer?

Then I realised the three ‘P’s, something that was drilled into me by my Father many years ago when I was young and I offered this simple advice to the HR candidate. Every day as I look on Linkedin, there’s countless ‘rants’ about Recruitment Agencies & Direct Employers wasting people’s time out there. The negativity is like a disease, it just spreads and it makes people lose their confidence. I have seen discussions on Linkedin when candidates have simply given up because they have been passed from ‘pillar to post’, they’ve sent their CV’s off to thousands of potential jobs, both through agencies and direct employers and heard nothing. The frustration and desperation sees the candidates applying for jobs they simply do not have the relevant experience for, in the hope that somehow, they may ‘squeeze in’ there.

But doing this will not work.

If you are a job seeker, you need to play to your strengths and focus on the roles that you have the experience for, that is within your salary bracket and  you can do. Only focus on these and you’ll obviously have less immediate rejection. You’re wasting your time, the recruiter’s time, the direct employer’s time by sending your CV for a role that you have no chance of getting.

Spend time getting your CV right, write a cover letter and create a template email so you are saving on ‘post’. I hear of so many people who say they write in to direct employers with a copy of their CV. But not many people read this type of mail – They want a copy on email, so email it to them. If you haven’t got an email address, what do you do? The obvious… Look on the company website and if its not on there, pick up the phone and call them.

List each & every direct employer that you send your CV to (just create a simple Excel spreadsheet), add sections for ‘Replied’, ‘Rejected’, ‘Interview’ or ‘Future’ (ask the employers when they may be recruiting next). For those that reject you, send a ‘Thank You For Considering My Application’ email.

Make a ‘Prospect List’ of competitors within the industries you have worked in – Hey, employers are being more ‘sector specific’ than ever, we all know this. Then what? Call/Email/Follow Up. Be Persistent. They may not have a job today, but they may do next month. If an employer thinks you are ‘pestering’ them because you are asking if they have any suitable jobs for you, do you want to work for them anyway?

Oh – On the ‘timing’ of calling these companies – Do it at 8.30am til 9.00am, then lunch period and then after 5pm. Don’t call them at their busiest time of the day because that will frustrate them. Be Professional. Thank them for their time, but make sure you get that CV and cover letter/email over to them. Be upfront on your salary expectations and the type of role that you are seeking. You just come across as desperate if you are a HR Manager and the company says they have a HR Administrator role on and you say ‘I’ll apply for that’ (believe me, it happens). If you need the money as we all do, don’t go backwards in your typical job role, diversify into another area for a short period to get your financial stability back on track.

And when you get rejected/turned down/emails ignored/calls hung up on, what should you do? Be Positive!

It’s cliched, but make sure you are smiling when speaking to the direct employer, make sure you end the call on a positive note, thank them for their time, be polite and ensure you make ‘notes’ on your spreadsheet – The more organised you are, you will learn from your mistakes and it will help you later down the line. Remain positive at all times.

There’s no ‘right or wrong’ in finding a new job and how you do it, but if you become negative, it will ruin you. I’ve seen so many Linkedin members constantly ‘whinging and moaning’, its depressing to see and this negativity spreads because someone wants to get something out of their system and blame someone else instead of taking responsibility for their own actions.

Be Persistent. Be Professional & Be Positive.

It’ll work… eventually.


Steve Smithson – Managing Director

Talent Genius Ltd

  1. November 22, 2010 at 11:44 am

    Thanks for this Steve, I enjoyed reading it. It’s very true, I like the message, can be applied to all sorts of situations,


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